Black & White Portrait Special May 4-6; Little Rock


Last year I sent a survey asking friends of Ramsey Portrait Art several questions, including “What do you want to see from us?” The first-place answer was clear: A black and white portrait special. So here it is!

MAY 4th-6th, 2018, I’ll be creating black and white portraits in Little Rock.

In today’s world of color photos, black and white images are ideal:

  1. To showcase a classic, timeless look
  2. To provide a unique contrast to a home with color portraits
  3. For someone with a more modern/contemporary style home*
  4. For an online headshot*
[* “. . . modern/contemporary style home.” If that’s the look you want, please tell me when we schedule your appointment.] [* “. . . online headshot.” Does your LinkedIn/Business headshot look like it was photographed during the Regan administration? This is a great time to update. Again, if that’s what you’re wanting, let’s discuss details when we schedule.]


WHERE will the event be?

*In Little Rock, Arkansas. A few days before the event, I’ll send directions and last-minute tips for your session.

WHEN will it be?

*May 4-6, 2018. Sessions will schedule during the day and into the early evening.

WHAT makes this a black and white portrait “special?” Is there anything different from your other portrait sessions?

*Yes, there are a few changes.

  • We’ve halved the retainer/minimum order to $250.
  • We’re featuring a (new!) product–a matted and framed portrait (awesome for gifts and small-space decor).
  • Kids (or husbands) who dread the photo session experience? Session time is only 30-ish minutes.

WILL you be photographing outside?

*No, not for the black and white special. However! If you’re wanting an outdoor portrait in the glory of Spring, I have 3 sessions available while I’m in town. Let’s talk.

HOW do I get an appointment?

*Click here to email the studio. Let us know when you’re wanting, and include your phone number. We’ll call to schedule your time.

*Or skip the email and give us a call: 501-420-4680.  At the risk of sounding pushy: I only have 17 times open for sessions, so kindly contact us soon. Please & Thank You.

Let’s create an heirloom together. Thank you for the opportunity.

-mr. bill

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