Happy Father’s Day to My Kids [repost from 2010]

By June 21, 2017To My Kids
mr. bill; circa 2009?

Below is one of the most popular blog posts that mr. bill has written. He wrote it to our kids for Father’s Day 2010. Enjoy!




Carson, Harrison, and Bella Grace:

This morning you guys crawled into bed to wish me Happy Father’s Day, and pelted me with the cards you’d found for me. Easily the best part of my day: Listening to you guys laugh as I read your cards. I know that I’m not a great Dad, but I’m certain that I love being a Dad more than anyone I know. Even before I met your Mom, I dreamed of being a Dad. I didn’t realize how great it would be, nor how it would change the way I look at the world. Thanks to you three, I see everything differently. Because of you . . .

I delight that I can act as foolish as I want–in public–when I’m with you, just so long as it makes you laugh. My ears have become tuned to the pitch and intensity of kids’ voices [even when I can’t understand the words, I know if I should intervene]. I love the smell of your room, boys–that little boy stink that always lingers [soon that won’t be such a delight]. I miss the smell of baby-breath. I can’t describe it, but all babies have the same smell. I actually miss the smell of Enfamil–spit up and dried on my shirt. Everywhere I go, I notice babies. While I love to see them, it hurts a little that you’ve gotten so big, and that we’ll not have another baby in our lives until you have your own. Because of you, I noticed this baby the other night at dinner. I kept staring at the cute dimples she had on her elbows when she’d straighten her arms. I love to hear little babies cry that warbly cry–I miss that sound. Thanks to you, I can watch cartoons again–most have gotten much dumber since I was a kid, but a few are incredibly funny!

Bella–because of you, I have a renewed love of nose-freckles. I love, Carson, that I’m your confidant. I hope that you’ll always remember the rules of “Free Talk,” and keep including me in your private life. Because of you, Harrison, I’ve thought thoughts and pondered questions that never would have perplexed my mind. H–I can say with absolute certainty: I’ve never met anyone like you!!!! I love how different you are, and I’m doing my best to develop your different-ness, even though I often don’t understand. I know without doubt, Harrison, that many lives will be blessed because of you–and we who are closest to you will be the most overwhelmed, grateful ones. Because of you, kids, I dream of seeing the world. I’ve always wanted to travel [a little], but now I can envision the exotic places we’ll discover together. I’ve always been a “morning person,” but you kids have made it all the greater. When you stumble out of your rooms in the morning, hair looking like it’s trying to run away from you, and you crawl into my lap as I work . . . that’s the best. You’re why I’m up early, working.

As much as I love you guys, and how you’ve changed me so much, I owe it all to the grace of God–Who made your Mom.

Kids: I don’t take for granted that God has put you in my care. Because of you, everything is different for me. Finally, and most of all: Because of you, kids, I want to be a better man.

Happy Father’s Day, kids. Today is yours.



P.S. “Today was a great day to be your Daddy.”

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