Santa Claus Visits Little Rock [2018]

Santa reading

I can’t say that I’m as diligent as Santa Claus. He and his elves have been working tirelessly since December 26th, all for one evening 364 days later.

I can, however, say that Sheree and I spend much of the year planning for his visit to Little Rock each year.

Lucky for us, part of Santa’s work is the last-minute checking of lists, wishes, and sharing new jokes that he’s learned. And I have excellent news! The North Pole’s Director of Communications has just sent an important notification to Ramsey Portrait Art.

Santa Claus will visit Little Rock November 9th-11th, 2018!

Now we can unleash Sheree’s decorating skills upon a beautiful home in Chenal. This year’s scene will hearken back to a classic, traditional, elegant look–greens and reds, with a pop of accent color. We’ll be indoors, with a fireplace.

Here are the answers to a few common questions:

  1. Santa will wear his traditional red coat.
  2. What should your family wear? Very formal or casual will work this year. A formal dress or a coat & tie will look wonderful. Likewise, jeans or khakis with a polo, button-up, or SWEATER will be superb. As always, pajamas for the kids look great. NOTE: If you wear red, stay with the traditional “Coca-Cola” red, so that it matches with Kris Kringle’s coat. Pink, magenta, and other lighter reds won’t blend well.
  3. Santa does not have to be in the photo. If you prefer a Christmas portrait without Santa, that’s no problem.
  4. All appointments are . . . by appointment. We hate to keep eager children waiting in line, so we schedule each timeslot.
  5. Yes–we will share an image online for you to share, but we do not sell digital files.
  6. Absolutely! Your portraits will be delivered in plenty of time to give as gifts. And finally . . .
  7. Pricing, packages, and many more details are ON OUR WEBSITE HERE.

As always, we have limited appointment times–and many of the “premier” times are already gone. Email us at: and we’ll get you scheduled. Or, if you’re so inclined, give us a call on the studio line: 501.420.4680.

It’s our sixteenth year photographing with Santa, and we’re more excited than ever. Thanks for continuing the tradition with us.

-mr. bill

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